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Lebella Nova -
Lebella nova is an American fashion brand with its own factory in China. It's a young, modern and new style that creates complexity and fashion that you can't find anywhere else!

**During cowid-19, the itinerary is limited. Note: some orders may be out of stock

In case of shortage, we will contact you to wait or cancel. If there is no reply within 24 hours, we will cancel the order automatically

1. The goods are available in the warehouse,
*If the goods are available in the warehouse, we will deliver them immediately. We will pre authorize your payment and attach the estimated transportation cost to process the order. After the order is completed, the adjusted amount (if any) will be charged to the actual amount. Pre authorization transactions are likely to appear as "pending" on your account, but depending on your financial institution, the actual amount will only be processed and completed within 3-5 business days. *。

2. Out of stock
If you want us to call you when the order is incomplete, please write "please call if the order is incomplete".
Otherwise, all ordered out of stock products will be delivered directly from our factory to customers through DHL, ups and FedEx, so the products will be delivered to customers (including taxes and freight). Please note: customers need about 7-12 working days to receive the goods, and holidays may be delayed.

3. Have questions about the product
Please contact the customer service of lebellanova. We will answer all the customers' questions and demands,

4. If the customer has problems with payment
We can suspend the order for 7 days. If we can't get payment within a certain period of time because we can't keep the inventory, we will have to cancel the order.

Office hours: 9-4:30 (Pacific time) from Monday to Friday. Tel: 626-575-3033 / 626-5922398/626-575-3018

Thank you for coming to our store.

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Lebella Nova
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Oct 21, 2021
Product quality is good, however Im looking for better quality, 100% cotton , less polyester, other than that everything is good. Communication is excellent. I will be using this site again, hopefully there are Other vendors with high premium quality cloth.
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Oct 21, 2021
Communication skills were 8/10. I love the products looks just like the pictures, I will order again.
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Oct 20, 2021
the dress is amazing but the quality isnt great!! if the material was stretch it would be amazing
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