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We are a full service E-Commerce company, dedicated to growing Wholesale Manufacturer's product lines and increase Brand recognition. We have specially developed tools and services tailored to Wholesale Manufacturers. From an online marketplace with exponentially growing number of registered users, new users and purchases to professionally photographed product images while providing full customer service and order processing for buyers, we have everything you need to get your foot into the booming online business with minimal effort and costs.

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Our marketplace is specifically designed for wholesale buyers. Buyers love that they are able to easily find products they are looking for. They love that we provide excellent customer service. They love that they can do all of their shopping in one place. Buyers know and love that they are buying direct and not from a re-seller.

Buyers tell us that they would love to see more Brands. Don’t miss out on this outstanding opportunity to potential buyers that on waiting for you to join us! We also provide product and order management tools with excellent, friendly technical support should anything go wrong.

A Marketplace built for buyers and manufacturers

One stop shopping
One stop shopping

We created a virtual showroom where retailers and buyers have access to a large selection of wholesale fashion merchandise and where designers and manufacturers are able to promote their brand, sell their products, and reach new buyers instantly at no risk and low costs. We research and develop both sides of the spectrum to maximize sales for Manufacturers and easy purchasing for Buyers.

One Stop Shopping is the leader in one-stop wholesale shopping website. Buyers love that they can save money on shipping and save time in shopping. Buyers also love that they are charged from one company instead of providing sensitive payment info to multiple vendors. It is also easier for their accounting.

One Stop Service

Orangeshine provides all of the customer service including, but not limited to, general product questions, complaints and return requests, sales and product recommendations. Buyers love that they only need to contact one company, one phone number for all of their buying needs. Sometimes Manufacturers are not able to provide the excellent customer service they would like to for many reasons. Our customer service team is meticulously selected and trained to provide the upmost, excellent service to YOUR customers. Buyers are constantly praising us for our service. “It is so much better and easier to deal with your company than the many other companies I have and can purchase from” – Boutique chain owner. Buyers come for the products, but they stay for the service.

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